Electrical Utility


Transmission poles, solar panels and wind towers, are among electrical utilities’ most critical assets.  According to corrosion studies, the annual cost of corrosion in the electric utility market is $6.9 billion, while approximately $3 billion is spent on maintaining the systems. Steel corrosion repairs and replacements can be costly, time consuming and unnecessary. 

Hot-dip galvanizing assures utility assets have the longest service life possible, by offering protection from the time of commissioning and eliminating maintenance for the lifetime of the asset.  Many galvanized transmission lines have been in service for over 50 years with little or no maintenance. The availability, quick turnaround time and longevity make hot-dip galvanized steel the material of choice throughout the power market.


Corrosion protection that protects the environment

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Transmission Poles

Proven Protection for Power Transmission

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Free from aggressive maintenance costs

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